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Topic 1: Energy and Sustainable/ Renewable Energy
Biofuels / Biofuel Cells
Hybrid Energy Systems
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Advanced Energy Technologies
Nuclear Energy Fission & Fussion
Energy Policy, Planning & Management
Biomass Energy
Bulk Power Generation
Energy Storage
Energy and Environment
Energy Efficiency
Energy Policies
Energy Pricing
FACTS and HVDC Transmission System
Islanding Mechanisms
Load Shedding
Geothermal Resources
Waste Products as Fuel
Nuclear Safety
Nuclear Technologies
Breakdown Impacts
Deregulation of Electric Supply Industry
Global Restructuring
Investment Coordination
Risk Analysis
ROI Caps

Topic 2: Power Generation - Conventional and Renewable
Hydropower Technologies and Applications
Thermal Power Technologies and Applications
Safe Nuclear Energy Generation and Utilization
Wind Power Generation and Utilization
Bio-Energy Technologies, Process and Utilization
New Technologies and Design for Energy Efficiency
New Technologies for Minimizing CO2 Generation
Environmental-Friendly Technologies for Power Generation
Geothermal and Tidal Wave Energy
Photovoltaic for Solar Power Applications
Waste Products as Fuel
Other Sustainable Energy

Topic 3: Power System Management
Power System Management Technologies
Integrated Substation Automation Technologies
Power System Monitoring and Mitigation Technologies
Online Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System
Control Strategies for Modern Power System Stability
Modeling and Simulation of Large Power Systems
Application of Wide Area Measurement System
Power System Analysis and Optimization
Load Modeling, Estimation and Forecast
Power System Planning and Operation

Topic 4: Power Transmission and Distribution
Ultra High Voltage Technologies
HVDC and Flexible AC Transmission System
Over-Voltage, Lightning Protection and Grounding
Electromagnetic Transient in High Voltage Power Systems
Insulation Condition Monitoring in Power Systems
Advanced Distribution and SCADA Technologies
Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Systems
Plasma Physics and the Pulsed Power Technology
Electromagnetic Analysis in Power Systems

Topic 5: Smart Grid Technologies
Modeling of Grid Environments
Agent-Based Mechanisms for Grid Markets
Resource Allocation in Grid Scenarios Using Agent-Based Approaches
Automated Negotiation for Grid Resource Allocation
Agent-Based Simulation of Grid Environments and Markets
Agent-Based Computational Economics for Grid
Engineering of Grid Markets and Grid Architectures
Technical Research on Future Application Domains

Topic 6: Engineering Thermophysics
The Application of Fuel
Energy Utilization System
Comprehensive Utilization of Landfill
Power-Generation Technology
Low Temperature Utilization for Waste Heat
Refrigerating Cycle
Thermodynamic Cycle
Waste-Heat Powered
New Type of Energy Storage Technology
Water Turbine
The Multiphase Flow of Coal Combustion
System Flow Heat Transfer in Low Temperature
Energy Use in the Refrigerant Air Conditioning
Transportation and Temperature Control for Micro System
Multi-Energy Power Control System for Electro mobile
Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine
Thermal Engine
Electronic Control for Internal Combustion Engine
Heat Exchanger
Boiler Technology
Assistive Technology

Topic 7: Electrical Engineering
Electric vehicle technologies
Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
Electromagnetic compatibility
High Voltage and Insulation Technology
Intelligent control systems
Materials for Electrotechnics
Measuring Technology and Instruments
Mechatronics & Robotics
Nuclear Energy
Advanced Power Semiconductors
Analogue and Digital Signal Processing
Biomedical Engineering
Computer and AI Applications in Power Industry
Distributed Generation, Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Systems
Educational and training programs
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Power Engineering Education
Power Market
Power Optimization
Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Power System and its Automation
Power System Reliability and Security
Power Systems Communication
Power Systems Deregulation
Renewable Energy
Computation Intelligence in Electrical Engineering

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